Ontario Fencing Association


2017 OFA Provincial  Championships Tecnical Specifications and Information

This competition will be run according to current FIE regulations. The Directoire Technique reserves the right to apply or modify these regulations as they see fit as according to section t.15 of the FIE Rules.

  • Events with less than six participants will be combined. 
  • All fencers are REQUIRED to wear a sous plastron as well as fencing pants with long socks so that the legs are fully protected. Track pants will not be permitted as substitutions for fencing pants.
  • All foil fencers are REQUIRED to have a conductive foil bib. 
  • 350N Uniform is the minimum requirement for all events.
  • 2 retention systems for masks per current FIE rules (i.e. LP mask must have the additional strap).
  • Participants that enter in multiple events may be required to fence multiple bouts without breaks. Should conflicts arise, participants may be asked to withdraw from an event.
  • Results from the Veterans, Senior, Junior, and Cadet events will submitted to CFF for domestic rankings

Sabre En Garde Line

Per the CFF bulletin published February 23, 2017, ALL sabre events at Provincial Championships will use the four-meter on guard lines.

Tournament Format:

Senior Events - One round of poules with 80% promotion to direct elimination tableau.
(subject to change dependant on registrations).

Junior, and Cadet Events - One round of poules with 100% promotion to direct elimination tableau.

Team Events - Direct Elimination tableau (subject to change dependent on registration).

Veteran: Please see competition rules here>>

Head Official: John Makela
Head DT Secretariate: Kristine Stang
Head Armourer: John Poter

NOTE: If you are registered in multiple events, you must CONFIRM your check-in for each event; please do NOT assume that if you are checked into your first event that you are automatically checked into subsequent events.

The Ontario Provincial Champions is sanctioned by the Ontario Fencing Association and Canadian Fencing Federation.