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2018 Ontario Provincial Championships: Technical Information

This competition will be run according to current FIE regulations. The Directoire Technique reserves the right to apply or modify these regulations as they see fit as according to section t.15 of the FIE Rules.

Seeding into pools of 6 or 7 will be based upon National rankings in all categories, with adjustments to be made only by the Directoire Technique (DT) based upon exceptional circumstances (e.g. formal national team member without a ranking, foreign fencers). In cases where pools of 6 or 7 are not possible, the DT will determine the most practicable format, while ensuring to optimize competition.

All events will have one round of pools, with all participants promoted. Any events above 64 registrants may have an imposed cut of between 10-20% if necessary to ensure projected finish times, however, at least 64 fencers will be promoted if there are more than 64 competitors. In cases where cuts will be necessary, an announcement and posting will be made before the start of the event. Advancement into Direct Elimination will be ranked on the results from the pools in accordance with FIE rules.

Events are planned as separate events, but may be combined if there are fewer than 6 registrants. If combined, both a combined and separate women’s DE will be held.

Veteran competition rules can be found here>>.  Age category DE events are held based upon results from the Open Veteran, if there are registrants. Separate men’s/women’s age category DE events will be held if there are at least 4 fencers; otherwise, only a combined DE will be held.

Team events will be conducted as a direct elimination table, seeded based upon the Senior event individual results. At least one fencer on the team must have competed in the Senior individual event. A maximum of eight (8) teams will be accepted per event category, selected according to a first-come first-served registration basis (one team per club, unless space is available).  On-site registrations (double fees) will only be accepted if space is available, subject to the limits and discretion of the Directoire Technique.  Team members will be required to confirm all team members of their team during the check-in for the Senior event.  Teams will fence off for all positions within the top-8 tableau.

All fencers are REQUIRED to wear a sous plastron as well as fencing pants with long socks so that the legs are fully protected. Track pants will not be permitted as substitutions for fencing pants

All foil fencers are REQUIRED to have a conductive foil bib. 

350N Uniform is the minimum requirement for all events.

2 retention systems for masks per current FIE rules (i.e. LP mask must have the additional strap).

Participants that enter in multiple events may be required to fence multiple bouts without breaks. Should conflicts arise, participants may be asked to withdraw from an event.

Results from the Open Veterans, Senior, Junior, and Cadet events will be submitted to CFF for domestic rankings.

Any changes outside of these prescribed formats would be due to unusual circumstances to be determined by the DT, and will be announced prior to the start of events.

Medals – all events will be awarded with gold (Provincial Champion), silver, and two bronzes for third place. However, where there are only four (4) competitors, only gold and silver will be awarded; where there are only 2 or 3 competitors, only the gold medal will be awarded.

NOTE: If you are registered in multiple events, you must CONFIRM your check-in for each event; please do NOT assume that if you are checked into your first event that you are automatically checked into subsequent events.

The Ontario Provincial Champions is sanctioned by the Ontario Fencing Association and Canadian Fencing Federation.