Ontario Fencing Association


2018 Ontario Winter Games Selection Criteria

Based on the technical document submitted in November 2016, Fencing was approved as part of the Ontario Winter Games. This year, 96 athletes will be competing in competing in 6 events, for a total of 16 athletes per event (plus the team event).

Categories: U15 (Born 2003 or later)

Minimum age: Athlete must be 12 years old by the date of the Games.

Individual: U15MF, U15WF, U15WE, U15ME, U15MS, U15WS
Teams: MF, WF, ME, WE, MS and WS (format to be determined)

New this year: In order to ensure participation from across the province, OFA has determined that nine (9) of the sixteen (16) spots per event would be assigned to the three (3) top athlete from each of the three regions. The remaining seven (7) spots will be assigned to top athletes based on the points obtained in the qualifying events.

Regions are as defined on the OFA Website:

West (21 registered clubs), Central (19 registered clubs); East (15 registered clubs). For the purpose of OWG, North (2 registered clubs) will be part of the East for a total of 21 registered clubs.

Athletes’ top results in each of the following OFA sanctioned youth events will qualify (category 2 or higher).  Final rankings will be based on a combination of the athlete's best competition results in each region, i.e. the best competition result of two in the West; best result of two in the Central; and the result in the East.

The following is a list of sanctioned Youth competitions as of September 25th. Youth competitions will be added as they are submitted and sanctioned. Coaches and athletes are encouraged to check the Competitions calendar regularly.


Brock Open (Nov. 18-19th,  2017)
Niagara Winter Open (Jan 27-28th, 2018)

Ottawa (December) + Training Camp

Vango Young Lions Cup (Oct 14-15)
Canada Cup East (Nov. 3rd – 5th) 

Qualifying events will be sanctioned by the OFA as Category 2 events or higher.  A minimum of six fencers (not combined) per age and gender category is required. However, some events have had fewer than 6 fencers. In order to be fair to these fencers, points will be given to fencers in mixed events, based on their gender ranking. In other words, if there is a mixed event with 6 fencers, the following points will be awarded:

Gold female (32 points)

Silver male (32 points – highest ranking male)

Bronze male (24 points)

2nd Bronze male (24 points)

5th place female (24 points – 2nd highest ranking female)

6th place male (16 points)

** OFA may add additional tournaments as required.  Check the OFA Competitions Calendar of the OFA website for updated information.

Training camps and clinics are an important part of youth development. Although this is not mandatory, athletes are encouraged to participate in at least one OFA sanctioned and approved Youth Training Camp. Athletes who participate in camps will receive a maximum of 10 points toward their total score. In order for points to me awarded, clubs must inform OFA of the camp at least two (2) weeks before the start of the camp.

Exclusions: The OFA has determined that the goal of the 2018 Ontario Winter Games is to encourage athletes to pursue higher level competition. As such any athlete who has represented Canada internationally at a European circuit, World Cup, Pan-Am Championships or World Championships will be excluded from competing at the OWG, as they are already competing at a much higher level.

Points grid will be updated on the Games Page within five (5) working days of the conclusion of the event.

Please email questions, comments and feedback to: web@fencingontario.ca