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Ontario Fencing Association 2017-18 Board of Directors

We would like to thank all the clubs who come out to our 2016-17 Annual General Meeting on
December 2nd . We had a very rich discussion about a number of issues and priorities. We will finalize the
minutes over the next week and circulate to those who would like to receive them. Again, I cannot stress
enough the importance of coming out to these meetings and to make your voice heard.
Out new 2017-18 Board of directors is the following:

President: Lucie Hamelin
Vice-President: Howard Simmons
Vice-President: Dmitry Balashov
Treasurer: Michael McDonnell
Secretary: Bogdan Damjanovic
Member-at- large: Fidelia Ho

Huge thank you to Marc-Andre Leblanc for his contribution over the last three years. We are looking
forward to continuing working to promote and grow fencing in Ontario!