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FIE Fencing Equipment Changes

Posted on April 05, 2018 at 12:00 AM

The FIE has recently announced changes to equipment requirements. The following is an update on how these changes affect fencers taking part in CFF events.

Soft Chest Plates:

In accordance with the FIE implementation of soft overlays for chest plates, both male and female, the CFF High Performance committee has recommended that the Canadian National Competition standards be adjusted to align with this implementation.  The CFF Competition Committee has intent to implement the requirement for soft chest plate overlays for the 2018-2019 season. The first Canada Cup using this standard will be the regional Canada Cups in October / November 2018.  Currently this chest plate addition is in short supply, but this is anticipated to change during the coming months.  The committee will revisit this issue in August 2018 and make a final decision regarding implementation date at that time.

FIE Mask Straps:

The FIE has changed the mask strap requirements for the 1600N masks certified for FIE level events.  The Canadian standard for competitions, including the Canada Cups, requires 350N masks and clothing.  The FIE does not regulate the equipment at the 350N level or the standards specified by national organizations for domestic use, so existing masks used in this level of competition will remain acceptable.  Masks will still be required to pass the standard safety tests prior to use.