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2016 Ontario Summer Games Selection Criteria Announced

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 12:00 AM

2016 Ontario Summer Games Selection Criteria Announced
August 11 to 14, Mississauga, Ontario

Based on the technical document submitted after the 2014 Games, there will be 72 athletes competing in 18 events, for a total of 6 athletes per event in 2016.

Categories: Cadet (DOB Jan 1st 1999 or later) and Y15 (DOB Jan. 1st, 2001 or later)

NOTE: The OFA has set the condition that fencers must be 13 years of age and older at the time of the Games.

Individual: CMF, CWF, CWE, CME, CMS, CWS; Y15: MF, WF, ME, WE, MS and WS
Teams: MF, WF, ME, WE, MS and WS

New this year: In order to ensure participation from across the province, OFA has determined that three (3) of the six (6) spots per event would be assigned to the top athlete from each of the three regions. The remaining spots will be assigned to top athletes in the Province based on the points obtained in the qualifying events.

Regions are as defined on the OFA Website:

West (20 registered clubs), Central (18 registered clubs); East (15 registered clubs). For the purpose of OSG, North (2 registered clubs) will be part of the East for a total of 17 registered clubs.

Athletes with highest points in two of the following events +   Provincial Championships will qualify:

Brock Open (Nov. 2015)
Niagara Winter Open (Jan 23-24)

Ottawa Shield (Jan 30-31) - *(Youth category only) 
K-Town Youth Sabre Challenge Kingston Fencing Club – (March 12-13)

Vango Young Lions Cup (April 2-3)
Toronto Fencing Club (May 14-15) 

Qualifying events will be sanctioned by the OFA as Category 2 events or higher.  A minimum of six fencers (not combined) per age and gender category is required. Some events have had fewer than 6 fencers (not combined). Because of gender separation for these smaller events, fencers are not receiving points. In order to be fair to these fencers and to solve a technical challenge, points will be given to fencers in mixed events. Rankings will be posted shortly.

** OFA may add additional tournaments as required.  Check the Youth Development page of the OFA website for updated information.

Ten (10) additional points will be awarded to participants in an OFA sanctioned Cadet and Youth camp. Location TBD

Mandatory events
Provincial Championships – Cadet and Y15 events

Exclusions: The OFA has determined that the goal of the 2016 Ontario Summer Games is to encourage athletes to pursue higher level competition. As such any athlete who has represented Canada internationally at a cadet European circuit, World Cup, Pan-Am Championships or World Championships will be excluded from competing at the OSG, as they are already competing at a much higher level.

Points grid will be posted within a few days. Points will be posted on the Youth Development page of the OFA website (www.fencingontario.ca) within five (5) working days of the conclusion of the event.

Ten (10) additional points will be awarded to participants in an OFA sanctioned Cadet and Youth camp. 

Participants in the following camps will receive a bonus 10 points:

  • Toronto Fencing Club – March Break camp (March 13th – 17th)
  • Vango High Performance Training Camp (March 14th – 18th)
  • North York Fencing Club (March 14th-18th)
  • Ottawa Fencing Club - Foil / epee Camp (March 14th – 18th) 
  • Kingston Fencing Club – Sabre only (April 16th – 17th) 
  • Sword Players Preperation Camp (May 14th)
  • Other camps may be added as information is received. 

Ad Hoc OSG Committee comprised of representatives from the Competitions, Youth Development and HPP Committees:

Mark Jeffrey (Competitions)
Katya Belkina (Youth Development)
David Howes (HPP)
Lucie Hamelin, OFA president (Chair)

Please email questions, comments and feedback to: president@fencingontario.ca

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