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See All Ontario Summer Games Results

Posted on August 14, 2016 at 12:00 AM

To see all 2016 Ontario Summer Games Results, please click here>>:


Time Event Details
09:00 U-15 Men's Foil View
09:00 U-15 Men's Epee View
09:00 U-15 Men's Sabre View
09:00 U-15 Women's Foil View
09:00 U-15 Women's Epee View
09:00 U-15 Women's Sabre View
10:30 Cadet Men's Foil View
10:30 Cadet Women's Epee View
10:30 Cadet Women's Sabre View
13:00 Cadet Men's Epee View
13:00 Cadet Women's Foil View
13:00 Cadet Men's Sabre View

14 August 2016 - Team Results
Time Event Details
09:00 Team Men's View
09:00 Team Women's View

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