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2015 World Veterans Fencing Championships

Posted on December 02, 2015 at 12:00 AM

Hello Veterans

The 2015 World Veterans Fencing Championships are in the books.

Over 650 fencers participated from 42 countries.

There were some improvements in the venue since the last time the Championships were held in Lingoes, in 2008. It was unfortunate that none of the toilets had seats, plumbing was broken and no towels of any kind in the facilities. Accreditation was quick and smooth; (great improvement from Bulgaria). Weapons control took six hours for fencers fencing the following day, otherwise it was OK.

Most of the referees were well known to us and were very good.

A few were quite bad; In a great display of sportsmanship Fabio Miraldi (Italy) gave up a hit awarded to him, to his opponent, the referee reversed the call, in the Gold medal bout men’s foil A. The Gala Dinner was by far the worse I have attended in every way. The competition and the camaraderie was great, as usual.

Our highlight of course was Mark Ballad’s Bronze medal performance in Epee B. It was great to see the Maple Leaf being hoisted.

  • Sixteen Canadians participated.
  • Unfortunately we lost two, Dale Dorosh had a leg in a cast and Juliette McMaster lost her passport and couldn't’t get replacement in time.
  • We could only field two teams; Men’s Foil and Epee.
  • There were some weaknesses of teams in certain weapons and age groups.
  • Our Men’s Epee team beat Japan in the Tableau and came 9th of 13 teams.
  • Foil team narrowly lost to France in the Tableau 25/23, Gaby Weisz and Mark Ballard having won both their bouts, team finished 9/9

There is work to be done if we want to improve for the next World Championships in Stralsund, Germany.

Canadian Results:

MF A   Franck Fournier 50/53                    

MF B   Mark Ballard 18/31

MF C   Gaby Weisz 21/37

MS A   Mike Krasnich 36/47

MS B   Bob Rennick 28/33

ME A   Dan Tatu 33/78        

            Carlo Giuliani 41

            Kerry Anderson 49

            Franck Fournier 57

ME B   Mark Ballard 3/49

            Claude Plasse 41

            Rob McLean 47

ME C   Bac Tau 33/49

            Howard Simmons 39

            Fritz Kristbergs 49

WF A   Fran Sloan-Sainas 25/34

            Sylvie Guuichaoua 34

WE A   Fran Sloan-Sainas 29/44

            Sylvie Guuichaoua 36

WS A   Grace Born 26/32

Full results of the World Championships can be found here>

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