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Community Sport Initiation Workshop Announced

Posted on April 18, 2016 at 12:00 AM

The OFA in association with the Coaches Association of Ontario are pleased to announced that a Community Sport Initiation workshop is scheduled as part of the NCCP Coaching Super Clinic - University of Toronto, May 8th from 9am to 5pm.

This workshop has been designed to prepare Community fencing instructors to meet the needs of participants in fencing by training them to do the tasks (achieve the outcomes) described below.  These multi-sport outcomes represent the minimum standard for the training and certification of community coaches within a competency-based NCCP.

As this is a coaching course, you will be required to bring your fencing/coaching equipment to the workshop. There will be practical hands-on sessions, focusing only on foil and epee.

Practice planning:  

Choose from a bank of pre-designed activities suitable for the age group; set an appropriate structure for the practice; identify risk factors; develop an Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Providing support in training:

Verify that facilities and equipment pose no safety risks; explain one activity in a way that is consistent with the guidelines set for the age group, and ensure that the delivery promotes the self-esteem of the participants.

Providing support in competition:

Encourage participants during a community-level competitive activity; explain the fundamental rules that govern the activity; behave respectfully toward the participants, officials, parents, and spectators.

Ethical coaching:

Reflect on the importance of behaving respectfully toward participants, officials, parents, and spectators; identify key issues in a common situation that can be encountered in the context of community fencing; describe a course of action for dealing with the situation that is consistent with the values and philosophy of the NCCP.


- at least 16 Years Old
- Licensed Member of the Canadian Fencing Federation
- Consolidation level of skill development for the Yellow Armband of the CFF Instructional Program
- Weapon categories - FOIL and EPEE

Following the workshop, participants will be registered as “trained” on the CAC locker. For certification to occur, there are additional requirements for completion of a workbook for evaluation, and successfully passing the CI-stream Making Ethical Decisions (MED) evaluation.


Fencing Community Sport Workshop


Athletic Center @ University of Toronto
Harbord St Entrance

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