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Guilio Tomassini Master Foil Coaches Clinics and Athlete Camp

Posted on June 26, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Guilio Tomassini Master Foil Coaches Clinics and Athlete Camp

Maître Tomassini needs little introduction.  He is one of the legendary coaches in foil fencing, having coached numerous top athletes such as Valentina Vezzali to championship levels.  He is, also, a true coach at heart and in his Avignon club teaches youth from age 8 with dedicated passion.  Duel Nature Fencing, Stratford Fencing Club and the Ontario Fencing Association are pleased to welcome him to Ontario where he will assist Ontario’s coaches and athletes, whatever level, to discover new insights on their lessons, drills and practices.

The Ontario Fencing Association may offer to its member clubs and their coaches a bursary.  Please see Maxime Brinck Croteau, Technical Director, about the value and details if interested.

Please find below further descriptions of the week’s events, and further details on venue and accommodation.

Downloadable: Poster/Info Sheet

Registration:  Please follow THIS LINK to register for all events.

Please follow THIS LINK for the current list of registrants.

Beginner and Intermediate Coach Clinic:  Oct 22rd 4-9 pm.

The focus on this clinic will be youth development and beginner fencing.  Spend time with Maître Tomassini as he demonstrates exercises, drills and lesson that reinforce distance, timing and basic blade control.  This clinic is designed to help new, or nearly new, coaches develop essential rudimentary skills.  Each coach should try to bring one developing fencer to work with.  The athlete is free. 

The clinic will be capped at 14 coaches to ensure that each has adequate time with the Maître.

Cost: Coaches 125$

Elite Coach Clinic: Oct 23-24 (2-9 pm)

This is a two-day clinic, with athletes from the HPP program or other high level attending free.  The focus of this clinic is highly theoretical and technical.  The Maître will watch bouting, spend time with each coach and athlete on his evaluation, and give technical and tactical advice as well as demonstrate some drills, training strategies and so forth.  The goal is not to make ‘Italian’ fencers but have the Maître’s experience in the room, with his solutions so that elite level coaches and athletes can be in dialogue with his philosophy and expertise while seeking innovations in their own lessons, drills and tactical understanding.

The clinic will be capped at 10 coaches to ensure that each has adequate time with the Maître. Please let us know if you are bringing an athlete, and whom.

Cost: Coaches:400$

Open Mixed Athlete and Coach Camp:  Oct 26-28th.  (2-9 on Th/F and 9-4 on S)

This is an Open mixed level camp run by Maître Tomassini.  Coaches are welcome to participate, watch as the Maître demonstrate training conditions, instruction of drills and give lesson and theory.  Come experience a camp run by an Italian fencing legend.


Athletes:  150$/day or 300$ for the three days.
Coaches: 100$/day or 250$ for three days.  If coach brings 4 athletes (On), then coach is free.  If non-Ontario coach brings 5 athletes, then coach is free.

The camp will be capped at 40 athletes.

Registration Deadlines:

  1. For all coaching clinics:  September 10th, after which a 25% surcharge is applied
  2. For Open Camp: October 6th, after which a 25% surcharge is applied.

Venue:  The clinics/camp will be held in Hamilton On, at Duel Nature Fencing Club.  69 Pearl St N, Hamilton, On, L8R 2Z1.

Accommodation:  Coaches/athletes will need to make their own accommodation plans, there are lots of hotels in the Hamilton area but if you have issues or need, please contact the organizers.

For More Information:  Please contact Dr Darren Marks, at headcoach@stratfordfencingclub.ca (519-502-1969) or Maxime Brinck-Croteau max_bc@fencingontario.ca

*Please note: Cancelations will follow the following policy.  Before close of deadline, 10% of registration fee will be kept with 90% returned.  After deadline, until Oct 2nd (coaches clinics) and Oct 16th, 50% will be returned.  After October 16th, 10% will be returned.

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