Ontario Fencing Association


Michel Sicard Epee Individual Coaching Workshop


Saturday August 26, 2017


Sunday August 27, 2017 


This event is marked as an ALL DAY event.


August 26-27, 2017

Vango Toronto Fencing Center
980 Denison Street, Markham, ON


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Our vision of high performance and its culture has a clear and direct impact on coaching and coach training for fencing masters.

This vision often stops and is limited to the factors that improve it. I would like to define performance as a cultural, complex, and evolving phenomenon. We find the fencer as a person at the heart of this vision.
There exists no structure that ensures, on its own, the creation of champions. The highest levels of performance are a result of an athlete driven to win and a coach driven to help working within a high-performance structure.

The seed of performance is the road that will lead (or not) to competitive success.

Performance is unpredictable. Faced with this unpredictability, it is essential to craft astrategy. This strategy hinges on a general understanding of competition and a close  understanding of the combat situation.

A commanding knowledge of the above will permit coaches to create a training framework where the conditions for the emergence of performance and competitive results are met. Individual lessons are an essential training tool as they allow both coach and student to emulate combat situations to better understand and experience them.

This workshop is built around a central theme:

Understand to Act, Act to Understand: From understanding the combat situation to building individual training lessons in epee.